Monday, January 13, 2014

The New BLT- THE BAT! :)

The New BLT- The BAT!

•1 large avocado
•Diced tomatoes (I used the predicted pico de gallo mix from HEB this particular time)
•Crumbled bacon

1) cut avocado in half & remove the seed. 
2) fill avocado with tomatoes and top with bacon pieces. 
3) Add salt or pepper to taste-if desired. This can be left out. 
4) Enjoy with a spoon! :)

(I made the hole in the middle just slightly bigger than where the seed was and ate the extra on the side with extra tomatoes)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Influenster >><< NYC New York Color Big Bold Gloss

As you all know, I recently got my latest Vox Box in the mail! The Varisty Vox Box from Influenster!! Been loving all the complimentary goodies I received. 

Today I tried out the NYC Big Bold Gloss. I LOVED the applicator and size of the packaging! So much gloss in this product. And the applicator was a soft, almost sponge like material. Very cool!! 

The one thing I wasn't some keen on was how thick and sticky the formula was. It made me feel like I had globs of gloss on my lips. I'd reccomended thinning out the formula! I'd like it better then. 

Before I go, I do want to say how much I like my NYC lipsticks and eyeshadows! Great brand!

If you've ever tried the NYC Big Bold Gloss, let me know what you thought!


Friday, October 18, 2013

Reunited! >><< moving and beauty products.

Goood morning world! 

So I have recently been reunited with two of my favorite beauty products! About 7 months ago I moved back home and in the process I lost some of my things. Some I didn't care too much and some I have really missed. But the other day I found them!! :) 

I just wanted to share these two amazing products that I love dearly! 
The first is, my Avon true color blush. It is in the color Coral Radiance (T110) and it is absolutely gorgeous on my skin. 
The lighting in the first image is kinda off and makes the blush look a little orangish. But it really is a light pinky coral color. It has a tad bit of shimmer in it but not so much that you have glitter all over your face! Haha 

The second product I want to tell y'all about has got to be one of my most favorites of all! I am so excited I found it! It's the Biosilk Silk Therapy! 
You guys! This stuff seriously makes my hair sooo soft! But not oily! Which is great because I naturally have an oily scalp with dry ends. The Boisilk Silk Therapy adds such a natural shine to my hair and it feels so smooth. Doesn't feel gunky or like I said, oily. Justttt smooth & shiney! It gives it a healthy look :). I definitely recommend this product! 

That's about it for today! 
Until another time...


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Desserts >><< Apple Pie Crescents

It's Fall Y'all! Time to break out the baking! Pies are always a go to for fall but sometimes they take a lot of work to make. That's why these sounded oh so wonderful when I found them on Pinterest! 

Apple Pie crescents. Fast easy and melt in your mouth delicious! Below is the recipe incase anyone wants to try! 

1 can crescent rolls
Cinnamon & Sugar
1 Apple 

1) Set oven to 350.
2) Slice apple into 8 slices
3) Unroll Cresents & place one apple slice at the tip of each cresent triangle. 
4) sprinkle desired amount of cinnamon and sugar on top of apple and crescent, then roll up.
5) Bake for 11-13min or until golden brown on top. 

What's in my VoxBox?!?

So I just recently received my latest VoxBox from influenster! :) I was super stoked about this one because it's the #VarsityVoxBox! Makes me feel special to be a college girl. 

Anyways, let's get into it. There's so many awesome things to try out & all things I've been somewhat into lately/or needing to try. Here's the full box:

So to start off, they send me a Tide Pod to try out! My old roomie used these and I always thought they looked super cute and skwishy haha I look forward to having some funn during my next laundry load!

Next in the box was a few sample packets of Clearasil Face wash! :) This was definitely exciting because I'm starting to run low on the face wash I have now and really have been wanting to try out something new! :) I've heard great things about Clearasil. 

Still so much more in the box! Next was a kit of Kiss Nail Dress(: Perfect timing because my nails are starting to look a little ratchet. Kiss products have always been one of my favorites but I've never tried the Nail Dress so it'll be a funn new thing as well! 

Also in the box is something I've been raving and craving recently---Makeup! Some Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss by NYC! Great brand, and a great light pink color. (Rose Velouté 467)

Last, but not least! Celebration candy!! Airheads Xtremes Bites! Already ripped open the package and started eating them. I am not a big candy person but this will be a great energy booster at school tomorrow! Haa (flavor: Rainbow Berry)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Makeup Haul! >><< Target

Hey hey hey!!

So, I just wanted to share with y'all what new makeup/beauty products I got today!
Originally I went to the store to buy eyebrow wax, but I couldn't find it so I ended up looking for a few other things I needed. Haha 

First off is the DIY Elf Custom Compact eye shaddow kit. I chose the four colors: ivory(2503), pink ice(2507),driftwood(2512), and purple(2518). These colors were inspired by a warm purple smokey eye I have been wanting to try out. Ill be using this pallet along with my Naked pallet by Urban Decay. 

Second, I purchased some darker purple nail polish for fall! :) This one is called Plaza Plumberry(139) and it's by NYC. I can not wait to try this color on my nails!

Lastly I got a new Cheek Glow shade, again for fall, by NYC called Riverside Rose(651). Once I opened the cheek glow, I realized it may be too close to my skin time to pop but I look forward to trying it out! Maybe I will mix it with one of my others :). 

As you might have caught onto, fall is one of my favorite seasons! I am so excited for it to start getting cooler outside and crisp smells along with multicolored leaves! Absolutely love the coziness with hot tea or coffee and candles!

What is your favorite season? Comment and let me know! :)


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tasty Tuesday >><< Tres Leches!

I'm back!! My apologizes for being gone so long.

Today's Tasty Tuesday is Tres Leches!
I am in college station for the day/night with my twin sis, Jessica & she took me to this yummy Mexican food place called Abuelos! (If you haven't been-go!) haha

The food is great. Prices are great! And each day they have specials, as well as a very good lunch special. We had the Sangria Swirl special today & it was only $1.99! So good!

But anywhooo, for dessert we had the Tres Leches, which I tend to be skeptical on because if it's not made right or not fresh then it isn't worth eating. 
Theirs was definitely an order again though! It was made very fresh, with a sweet but not overly sweet taste. I could tell all the flavors were real & fresh, not artificial or old. :) definitely recommend trying it! And if you do, leave me a comment & let me know what you think! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!