Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Influenster >><< NYC New York Color Big Bold Gloss

As you all know, I recently got my latest Vox Box in the mail! The Varisty Vox Box from Influenster!! Been loving all the complimentary goodies I received. 

Today I tried out the NYC Big Bold Gloss. I LOVED the applicator and size of the packaging! So much gloss in this product. And the applicator was a soft, almost sponge like material. Very cool!! 

The one thing I wasn't some keen on was how thick and sticky the formula was. It made me feel like I had globs of gloss on my lips. I'd reccomended thinning out the formula! I'd like it better then. 

Before I go, I do want to say how much I like my NYC lipsticks and eyeshadows! Great brand!

If you've ever tried the NYC Big Bold Gloss, let me know what you thought!


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