Friday, October 18, 2013

Reunited! >><< moving and beauty products.

Goood morning world! 

So I have recently been reunited with two of my favorite beauty products! About 7 months ago I moved back home and in the process I lost some of my things. Some I didn't care too much and some I have really missed. But the other day I found them!! :) 

I just wanted to share these two amazing products that I love dearly! 
The first is, my Avon true color blush. It is in the color Coral Radiance (T110) and it is absolutely gorgeous on my skin. 
The lighting in the first image is kinda off and makes the blush look a little orangish. But it really is a light pinky coral color. It has a tad bit of shimmer in it but not so much that you have glitter all over your face! Haha 

The second product I want to tell y'all about has got to be one of my most favorites of all! I am so excited I found it! It's the Biosilk Silk Therapy! 
You guys! This stuff seriously makes my hair sooo soft! But not oily! Which is great because I naturally have an oily scalp with dry ends. The Boisilk Silk Therapy adds such a natural shine to my hair and it feels so smooth. Doesn't feel gunky or like I said, oily. Justttt smooth & shiney! It gives it a healthy look :). I definitely recommend this product! 

That's about it for today! 
Until another time...


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