Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Makeup Haul! >><< Target

Hey hey hey!!

So, I just wanted to share with y'all what new makeup/beauty products I got today!
Originally I went to the store to buy eyebrow wax, but I couldn't find it so I ended up looking for a few other things I needed. Haha 

First off is the DIY Elf Custom Compact eye shaddow kit. I chose the four colors: ivory(2503), pink ice(2507),driftwood(2512), and purple(2518). These colors were inspired by a warm purple smokey eye I have been wanting to try out. Ill be using this pallet along with my Naked pallet by Urban Decay. 

Second, I purchased some darker purple nail polish for fall! :) This one is called Plaza Plumberry(139) and it's by NYC. I can not wait to try this color on my nails!

Lastly I got a new Cheek Glow shade, again for fall, by NYC called Riverside Rose(651). Once I opened the cheek glow, I realized it may be too close to my skin time to pop but I look forward to trying it out! Maybe I will mix it with one of my others :). 

As you might have caught onto, fall is one of my favorite seasons! I am so excited for it to start getting cooler outside and crisp smells along with multicolored leaves! Absolutely love the coziness with hot tea or coffee and candles!

What is your favorite season? Comment and let me know! :)


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